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Start saving now on your computer, tablet or smart phone!

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All you need is your National Insurance Number

Save money at 834 stores including

How much can I save?

  • Discounts on your regular supermarket shopping
  • Cashback when you book a holiday online
  • Super deals at High Street shops
  • Money off your mobile phone bill
  • £350 average annual saving per member
  • 834 live offers on the site
  • 1408 of your co-workers are saving already
  • 372 new offers this week!
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What type of benefits are there?

ABP Rewards brings you exclusive deals from leading retailers as well as other great benefits!

Pre Pay Discount Cards

Choose your favourite retailers and we'll send you a pre pay discount card for each one straight away.

And you can start making massive savings...

For example, for a retailer with a 10% discount, load £90.00 on to it and the card will immediately be worth £100.00! That's £10.00 you've earned, absolutely FREE.


When you shop online using ABP Rewards, you can get Cashback rewards from dozens of leading retailers.

You can use Cashback you have earned to pay for other great offers on ABP Rewards. Or add your Cashback balance to one of your pre pay discount cards!

payroll You will require your National Insurance Number to take full advantage of the offers available through ABP Rewards

How do I get started?

You can sign up now and start making savings immediately.

All you need to do is complete a quick registration form and your details will be sent to us to approve your access.